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Carnival of Capitalists

Welcome to the June 12 edition of the Carnival of Capitalists! Last week's carnival was at Rethink(IP) next week will be at Blog Business World.

I attempted to use the Gongol Template but the html didn't agree with blogger and the template didn't work as it was supposed to.

I still used the template but it is now vertical in stead of horizontal.

The hosting blog is Value Investing, and a Few Cigar Butts, the aim of Value Investing is to analyze companies using the principals of superinvestors such as Joel Greenblatt, Eddie Lampert and Charlie Munger. For more on the blog go here.


The Scratching Post

The Best Place for a Kids' Lemonade Stand Is...


Lessons from a lemonade stand.

Editor's Choice

Entrepreneur's Journey

ItÂ’s Time To Reduce Your Stress

Health Care and Social Services


Towards Better Life

Compound Interest - Way to Millionaire


The return on investment and length of investment determine the total return. Compound interest is the key to better returns.

Editor's Choice

The Sharpener

In defense of small government liberalism


Free markets, free politics and the twilight of Blair's Britain. A lot of conflicting voices work better than one unassailable one.

Minor Thoughts

Immigrants: We Need Them


Immigrantss are needed tofilel the jobs left open by retiring Baby Boomers

David Maister's Passion, People and Principles

Strategy, Scarcity and Rewards


The essence of strategy is to find a way to be different.



Law and Regulation

The basic process of "identity theft insurance" and how someone could use such aproductt to perform identity theft on their own consumers.

Stock Market Beat

Does AppleÂ’s Decision Signal India Outsourcing Peak?


The offshoring boom isn't over.


Cows for Silk

Marketing and Sales

No competitor will have find a name as good as silk.

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Confusion Over Employment


So just what is going on in the US economy? There seems to be confusion over recent employment figures and what that means for future growth. Looking deeper at the numbers shows it may be a supply problem, which has implications for current debate over immigration.

The Other Bloke's Blog

Should I Be Polite To My Clients?

Marketing and Sales

Customer prospects visiting a website demand something that works for them. If the website only gives them company self-promotion and waffle, they will rapidly go elsewhere. Website owners need to hear how those prospects really feel about the website.

The Boring Made Dull

Rent Control, and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Law and Regulation

Rent Control is stolen goods


Is This An Emerging Markets Bargain? (TKC)

General Business

Turkcell (TKC) is the dominant wireless service provider in Turkey with fat margins, a clean balance sheet, and a cheap valuation. Is it a buy?

Editor's Choice


O What A Tangled Web...

General Business

What happens when a major insurer (or even two) gets caught with its hand in the cookie jar? How about a double-dippin' agent? You might be surprised.

Free Money Finance

The Keys to a Great and Prosperous Retirement


Spend less -- It's the key to a prosperous life and retirement. Investing -- Save and invest for years and years -- then watch the power of time and compounding turn your savings into a fortune.

Young and Broke

Career change is possible

General Business

Dispelling some career changing myths and providing some tips on how to do so.

Houston Chronicle's "FanBlog:Texans"

Texans brass gives Cass a class sendoff on grass

General Business

In both football and business, it is important to allow people to retain their dignity because of how it reflects on your organization and makes the remaining employees feel.


What Really Motivates People?


Purpose, not money, is what motivates people.

Blog Business World

Business leadership: Crisis management


Keeping one's head in time of crisis is a sign of good company leadership.


Bernanke tells it like it is


Some critics don't like the Federal Reserve Chair's message, but Bernanke tells it like is.

Financial Options

The Week Ahead: Your Financial Road Map for June 12 to 16, 2006


A review of the week's economic indicator releases, Treasury auction schedule, select earnings reports and other events that may move markets. Actual economic indicator results are linked to the post throughout the week.

The Coyote Within

Beware of Emotional Reasoning


Adrian Savage explores how emotional reasoning leads to us see our world though faulty perspective, making the "good" parts appear better then they are, and the "bad" bits look more threatening and terrible.

Editor's Choice

Workplace Prof Blog

Report: Five of Top Ten Grossing Class Action Settlements Involved ERISA Claims

Law and Regulation

For people who believe law school will help them become millionaires.

Slow Leadership

Business Killers

General Business

Every source of leadership values has an opposite "business kileer." Extra effort cannot make up for a lousy style of management. Carmine Coyote argues it's time to stop and question what's going on


Whatever Happened to Manners

Law and Regulation

What has happened to manners in our society? Rudeness seems to prevail everywhere �which makes me wonder if it is any easier to be rude than it is to be mannered?


Business Review: Netflix

General Business

This week, MineThatData looks at the profitable online business model at Netflix, exploring customer acquisition costs and lifetime value metrics that make Netflix successful.

Editor's Choice

Sox First

Reading Your E-mail

Law and Regulation

With emails now a compliance minefield, more and more of the big corporations in the US and Britain are now bringing in snoops to monitor and vet emails at the workplace


Marketing To Go

Marketing and Sales

Dream Big with Homeschool marketing


Hey World This Bud's for you

Marketing and Sales

Anheuser-Busch is the official beer of the World Cup making it the only branded beer sold in World Cup stadiums. While that angers the German fans, who are not too fond of the taste, will it expand Bud's global sales or will it fall victim to the taste buds of the German fans.

Fat Pitch Financials

Tracking Insider Buying

Law and Regulation

How easy it was to legally circumvent SEC rules as an insider.

Photon Courier

On TrustinExpertsst and which Experts to Trust


A decision made by Kaiser Wilhelm II has implications for decision-makers of all types.

Financial Methods

Slowdown, More Fed Tightening in Store


Fed tightening should produce a slowdown in the economy. If commodity prices continue to rise expect even more rate increases by the Fed.

Mover Mike

The April Trade Gap Spin


The "spin" gets tiresome, but it is interesting to see how various papers cover a government press release. Some do no digging whatsoever!

Financial Reference

Diversification or Performance Chasing?

General Business

Recent investments in international stocks appear to be performance chasing more than driven effort to diversify.

View From a Height



What's the best metric for measuring management effectiveness? Not ROA, not ROE, but ROIC-WACC

Editor's Choice

Ask Uncle Bill

Many Americans May Struggle In Retirement


So we have to go through all that angst to get to the bottom line--save 6% and you will be ok.

Seeking Alpha

Can You Make Money From Jim Cramers Picks?


Nearly 400,000 people watch each episode of CNBCÂ’s Mad Money and thousands more learn about Jim Cramer's picks through (TSCM) and Seeking Alpha. even redesigned its entire website recently to take advantage of the "Mad Money Effect". But if everyone knows what Cramer likes, can a small investor make money buying what Cramer recommends on Mad Money?

Editor's Choice

Paul's Tips

My eight best negotiation tips

General Business

Negotiation is a part of life we all have to deal with. Being able to do so successfully can make a big difference to our outcomes. Here are eight tips that have helped me.

The Big Picture

Google vs Microsoft: Now We're Getting Serious

General Business

Will Google's foray into spreadsheets take down Microsoft?

Editor's Choice


Burning Bridges

General Business

Appalled, embarrassed and intrigued to witness a professional bridge being publicly burned today.

Cash Flow Blog

Collections, A Necessary Evil of Businesses

General Business

We all hate collections, buts itÂ’s a reality of business life. Not all customers pay or pay on time. Regardless of whether youÂ’re mowing lawns, selling your time or selling multi-million dollar technology solutions, the reality is youÂ’ll encounter AR problems from time-to-time. As a reality, the practical objective is not to eliminate it (AR), but manage it as effectively and small as you possibly can.

Jack Yoest

Yvonne DiVita: Wonder Woman Writer

General Business

A big challenge for business is to determine what's core. And what's critical.

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